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UGG Aprelle Boots

If you are the type of woman who does want to wear a pair of boots with pointed or chunky heels, then UGG Aprelle from UGGAustralia is the right pair for you. The boots is made out of quality material, with sheepskin twin-faced lining that will help lock-in the moisture plus keeping your feet warm during winter season. You never have to worry having aching lower and upper legs because of long hours of walking or standing using a pointed or chunky heeled boot.

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Ugg Aprelle Black Wedge

Price: $324.99

Ugg Chestnut Aprelle

Price: $324.99

The good thing about UGG Aprelle is that maintaining these boots is so easy. Not too much fuss or hassle on your part. Plus it is in color black and chestnut. Therefore, seldom you will notice if it gets dirty or not. When your foot is going to be on top of a big pile of snow, of course it would be obvious on the boots. Since snow will soon melt and become liquid. However, when its all dried up, your boots will look the same as they were before you step on the snow.

Aprelle boots has the following features namely, it has an UGG logo rivet which is a proof that the boots are of high quality, sock liner made out of sheepskin, midsole (stacked leather) and the shaft is made out of twinface sheepskin. Like the UGG Josie boot you also can wear it folded down. A great sublime feature.

When pairing up your UGG folded Aprelle boots with winter clothes is a breeze. All you have to do is pick whatever you feel like wearing, mix and match couple of pieces, and accessorize. Viola! You will be looking so hot on a pair of wedge boots for the winter season. A good winter look would be consisting of a pair of Aprelle, brown or black bonnet, pink scarf wrap around the neck, a blazer with sexy inner tank top, skinny jeans and a belt. For sure, all eyes are on you as you walk pass by the busy streets.

Do you ever wonder how to mix up your usual beach model boots with those city type ones? Well, don’t get surprised, because the Aprelle boot actually combines these two. This type of boots comes with many special features, such as the back lacing, the sweater type knitting and also those soft type suede boots are some of the most popular. The level of comfort for these boots is high.

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