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UGG Josie Boots

What would you say if you have a pair of high heeled boots that can change the measurement of the shaft in an instant? For sure, you will get intrigued and want to know more. Introducing UGG Josie. This is a pair of pull on boots that can dramatically change the length of the shaft in just a matter of minutes. From 12 ½ inches going down to 7 inches when being cuffed. Now, this is something that not all type of boots has.

The good thing about the UGG Josie boots is that it is in the black, chestnut or stout color. Therefore, you can match it up with just anything, in whatever color you like for your wardrobe. You need not to worry about mismatching pieces. Plus, it is made out of durable material which will make this pair lasts longer than an average pair of boots.

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Ugg Josie Chestnut Suede

Price: $249.99
Black Suede

Price: $249.99
Uggs Josie Stout Suede

Price: $249.99

UGG Josie has the following features: the exterior part is made out of short nap suede, with leather lining inside, shock liner is made out of sheepskin, crepe soles (natural), shaft measures at 12 ½ inches (normal), measures at 7 inches when cuffed and the heel is measured at 3 ¾ inches which is wrapped in crepe.

If you have been thinking about what to pair Josie with especially when you are out with your friends on a cold winter night, well, read on. You can go for the classic white top, and cover it up with a black trench coat and finish it off with a red scarf wrapped around your neck. You will be looking so feminine and fabulous with this look.

Still confused what to pair your UGG Josie with? All it takes is mixing and matching of some pieces available inside your closet. Be sure you will be hiding your flaws and showing off your assets.

The Josie boot is one of the most demandable and most useful for the women because of its style and the nature to attract them. It is the most amazing product that you can get in the country. It will enhance the priority of using it. If you go in the market and then see the Joslyn boot there then I am sure and confident that you can't come to home without buying it. If this can be represented to you & then of the seller shows you hundreds of shoes then you will not consider it.

The boot has a little bit to do with me. I have gifted it to one of my cousin and the she liked that so much that she asked me so much about it. But I was little bit astonished to see that a boot can make a girl that much happy. Then I get realize that this is one of the heart throb of the girls. If you are a girl and still haven't tried it then just go to the market and try it. I am sure you can't forget it. The boot will give you extra bit of class and some kind of mental support also. So I think you can try it.

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